Cutting Cords with an ex

Are you trying hard to move on but just can't seem to stop obsessing over your ex?

Do you still feel like he has an energetic hold over you?

In relationships, we form energetic cords, cords of attachment, attaching our human energy to another person.

Often we try to move on but we are still connected to that person without realising it. It can mean we end up feeling drained, stuck and sometimes anxious without reason.

This could be because you are still energtically connected to your ex?

You are more than just a physical body, you are a soul made up of energy having a human experience.

Through relationships we can find we attach part of ourselves to another person. This can happen especially in intimate relationships and sexual partners.

Cutting cords means you are spiritually severing the ties with what no longer serves you. You are letting go in a way that allows you to heal and move forward.

The deeper and more powerful a past relationship is affecting you means that there is a strong cord attaching the two of you.

When you learn the lessons associated with past relationships and are ready to move on, cord cutting is a powerful tool.

Cord Cutting to reconnect with self

One of the most powerful things you can do in a break up

This program gives you access to Cord Cutting audio aswell as journal prompts to support you both before and after so you feel guided through the whole process.

Reconnect with yourself and disconnect from what is no longer serving you.
When relationships end we can be left still feeling connected to this person, this is because energetic cords have been formed, this process will allow you to take back the power and reclaim what is serving you.

At the end of the process you also gain access to a Meditation which supports you in surrendering to what is meant for you. Break up's can feel like our life is out of control.

This program supports you in take back your power & focusing on YOU.

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