The Course

Whats involved?

This is your 6 week course on Understanding the Narcissist.
One thing I had to learn when leaving a relationship with a narcissist was understanding how they operate in relationships.
It allowed me to detach emotion from the situation and also allowed me to realise, it was not a reflection on me.

This program has been designed to help you gain understanding and allow yourself to move forward in your healing.

What the course includes:

Module 1: Introduction to Narcissism

Module 2: What causes NPD in people?

Module 3: How to spot a narcissist?

Module 4: Your relationship & narcissism

Module 5: Why did I attract a Narcissist?

Module 6: How to leave a relationship with a narcissist?

Feel ready to let go?

A narcissist does not need to have power over you anymore.

You no longer need to feel fear and resentment and you can let go with love.

This is your time to understand yourself more, to know why you attracted a narcissist and to start writing a new chapter for yourself.

You are worthy of happy, healthy relationships. Do not let a narcissist change that.